Kids Artistic Sense

West Los Angeles


Toddler Prep Pre-Transition Program

Our Toddler Prep Pre-Transition Program creates an environment for children ages 20-24 months where parent, guardian or caregiver and child develop the necessary secure separation as they spend quality time interacting with each other while we slowly begin the secure separation process. We set the expectation for both adult and child as they participate together in enrichment activities include painting, finger painting, clay manipulation, sand exploration, music, and more. All classes are monthly private sessions, with a maximum of 3 children per session. The Toddler Prep Transition program is attached to our Pre-K Transition Program for Parent and Child. Once your child turns 2 years, he or she will be enrolled in the program as the next step.

Pre-K Transition Program

Ranging from 2 days to 5 days per week, our Pre-K Transition Program focuses on children ages 2-4.9 years old making the transition into pre-school a successful one. A unique blend of intentional education and enrichment-based activities are enacted to not only strengthen children's creative expression but also their self-confidence—a major factor in readiness preparation for pre-school, kindergarten, and life. As a part of their development, children practice age appropriate language, learn how to use their words and find their voice, engage in creative thinking as well as pre-literacy skill-based activities.

Children are immersed in a social, emotional, progressive, and artistic environment with their peers where they practice and learn to share, communicate, take turns, use their imagination, express their curiosity, follow directions, and develop independence. They are encouraged to ask questions and placed in a stimulating environment where they explore all possibilities, discover, investigate, plan, create and execute.