The philosophy of Kids Artistic Sense Enrichment Program is that children are intelligent, capable, curious, and eager learners. We are dedicated to enriching the lives of young children by helping each child reach their full potential in social, emotional, intellectual, physical and cognitive domains. In addition, we support children’s needs as we follow their interest with innovative “out-of-the-box” hands-on meaningful activities and experiences as well as using our community as a resource to support integrated curriculum. We provide a nurturing, respectful, caring and loving environment which encourages children to become active, creative, enthusiastic lifelong thinkers and learners. As children develop these practices they will participate in age appropriate activities. Additionally, they learn to share, take turns, negotiate, investigate, share ideas with peers, collaborate and have self and creative expression. These activities strengthen not only their artistic confidence, but also their self-confidence and prepare them for kindergarten as well as life. Our program services and operational strategies are a combination of the fundamentals of the Reggio Emila Approach to Early Childhood Education and the Montessori Educational Methods as well as the guidance of the development of motivated and balanced children through Development Appropriate Practice (DAP).

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